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Mastering Trados [EN version, with subs, approx. price in USD - $100]

Price: 400,00 PLN (incl. tax: 74,80 PLN)


Demonstration module

Who is the course intended for?

Because the course contains basic information on how to use the software, it is mainly aimed at beginners - people for whom Trados Studio is new, freshly graduated translators, people who would like to become translators in the future (e.g., students of translation studies), as well as people who already have experience with translation, but so far have not had the opportunity to try their hand at the program. Nonetheless, I believe that more advanced users will also find something for themselves in this course - perhaps they will be surprised by interesting tips, discover previously unused features, or benefit from a handful of tips and bonus materials - including a downloadable match discount calculator template here.

What if I don't have the latest version of Trados?

Rest assured, you won't miss out on anything! While there are a few new features, the majority of the features and options remain the same as in previous versions. This means you can confidently rely on this course, even if you intend to work with older versions of Trados.

What is the format of the course?

The entire course is delivered online. After purchase, the participant receives access to materials in the form of instructional videos and bonus documents. The videos will be available 24 hours a day, with no time limit in the "on demand" formula, which means that the participant can watch the materials at his convenience.

What is the agenda and duration of the course?

I've organized the course into 8 thematic modules, with a total duration of 5 hours and 20 minutes. While it may not seem like a lot of time, it's sufficient for efficiently learning the ins and outs of the program. Within just an hour, there's only so much we can cover. However, investing these few hours to master Trados will undoubtedly yield significant benefits in the future! Here's the complete course schedule, detailing the topics covered in each module and their respective durations.

Module #

Module name





- General information about CAT tools;
- Installation of the program and first start-up;
- Overview of the main interface.

32 min


Resource Creation

- Creating translation memories;
- Creating dictionaries;
- Creating project templates;
- Opening projects from packages.

50 min



Editor and Its Configuration

- Introducing the editor's interface;
- Working windows;
- Most useful keyboard shortcuts;
- Settings and functions of the editor.

58 min



Work Preparation and Workflow

- Organization of work on the computer;
- File preparation methods using two-column Excel files as an example;
- Basics of converting different types of pdf files;
- Working in Trados Live.

54 min



M atches and Statistics

- Discussion of matches;
- Analysis of reports and statistics;
- Quotations.

37 min



Resource Management

- Translation memory management;
- Creating memories using alignment functions;
- Managing term databases, adding terms, importing from Excel, exporting.

25 min



Auxiliary Features

- Using plugins;
- Autosuggest;
- UpLift,
- Document filtering and searching;
- Tags.

35 min



QA and Finishing Work

- Proofreading in SDL Trados and external proofreading;
- Translation quality control;
- Some bonus editor tips;
- Finalizing assignments.

30 min


Useful links,protips, discount calculator

- A set of complimentary support materials including some interesting tips, useful links, a template to facilitate preparing quotations based on match-grid discounts

ZIP archive


Here you can see all the files which are available for you after purchasing this product.
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