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PIT forms etc.

Form PIT-36(31) in English editable .DOCX (easy completion) for the year 2023

Price: 79,00 PLN (incl. tax: 14,77 PLN)
The following documents are included:
- easy-to-follow self-completion PIT-36 form PIT-36(31) - 31 - translated into English in editable .DOCX format
- for those who prefer editing in PDF (e.g., in Adobe Acrobat), PIT-36(31) form in English in .PDF format
- For reference purposes, form PIT-36(31) in Polish in .PDF format
The prepared forms are editable and are for self-completion. Instructions for completing the forms can be found here: https://youtu.be/A7YTMYiwfhk. The instructions apply only if standard editing in Word is cumbersome (most often for older forms).
Newer forms (published since 2024) are easier to fill out and there should be no difficulties with them, such as the document layout spilling out. Forms of this type are marked with a special annotation (easy completion). This does not mean that all forms without this annotation are difficult to fill out.
The form can be used, for example, as an aid to foreigners in meeting their tax obligations in Poland, a ready template for translators, as a translation of documents for a bank.
This is a professional translation of the PIT-36(31) tax return into English.
Note: a self-filled document is not a certified translation. If you need a certified translation, i.e. a certified translation of the PIT-36 form version 31, i.e. a translation performed by a certified translator, click below:
Certified translation of the PIT-36 return - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Other PIT forms can be found here: https://marcinkucharski.pl/pl/sklep


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